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Syzygy Pergolas & Pool Covers in Palm Beach
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The Top 4 Things to Know About a Patio Cover That Opens and Closes

March 30, 2023
Pergolas have been a fixture of homes for centuries dating back to ancient Egyptian times. The architectural style of the…

10 South Florida Front Porch Pergola Ideas

March 14, 2023
Ask most homeowners or business owners to envision a pergola and they will most likely describe a poolside pergola at…

An Outdoor Room Addition Can Save You from Moving

March 8, 2023
As families grow, lifestyles change and new hobbies become the latest attraction, many homeowners may find themselves in need of…

A Covered Rooftop Deck Can Revolutionize a Home or Restaurant

February 4, 2023
Have you ever coveted the amazing views from the covered rooftop deck that was recently opened downtown? More and more…

Pros & Cons of Popular Outdoor Flooring Options for Your Covered Patio

January 20, 2023
Adding a covered patio to your backyard is a great way to take full advantage of the year-round amazing weather…

Let’s Go Al Fresco: Outdoor Dining on the Patio

January 11, 2023
Outdoor dining is extremely popular in South Florida. The refreshing and light atmosphere of al fresco dining combined with a…

Outdoor Bar Inspirations for South Florida Homes and Restaurants

January 9, 2023
Nothing feels more luxurious than sipping a crafted cocktail as a beautiful South Florida afternoon as the perfect weather washes…

Young Construction Professionals Meet Up for Networking and Holiday Season Fundraising

January 7, 2023
Early this December, South Florida’s rising stars in the custom home industry came together for an evening of networking, fun…

Your Florida Landscaping Guide

January 3, 2023
Building a backyard pergola is a sure-fire way to get more enjoyment from your outdoor spaces. One of the key…

5 Basic Principles of Landscape Design for Outdoor Living

November 25, 2022
Crafting the ideal landscape design for your outdoor living space is part creative expression and part science. Creating a beautiful,…

SYZYGY Global is Your South Florida Pergola Company

November 20, 2022
Since our founding in 2017, SYZYGY Global has grown into the most-trusted custom pergola company in South Florida. When residential…

The Pinnacle of Outdoor Living: Motorized Louvered Patio Covers

November 18, 2022
The concept of “the ideal outdoor living space,” is unique to each individual homeowner. One consistent need here in South…

Florida Landscape Ideas for Covered Patios

November 9, 2022
The heat and humidity of South Florida is both a gift and a challenge for local homeowners who love spending…

Can a Pergola Withstand a Hurricane?

October 27, 2022
All outdoor structures erected here in South Florida must be ready to stand up to the mighty winds and storm…

Patio Cooling Solutions for the South Florida Heat

October 18, 2022
According to a recent study by the home renovations analysts at, experts continue to predict massive popularity for outdoor…

Choosing the Best Fan for Patio Covers with Ceiling Fans

October 6, 2022
Louvered roof pergolas leverage natural airflow with louver direction to create a gentle breeze throughout a covered patio. With the…

How to Build a Pergola with TV for the South Florida Environment

October 3, 2022
The Palm Beach outdoor lifestyle is one of glitz and luxury, but when year-round residents are looking to relax on…

Pergola Roof Risers – What, Why, and Where?

September 30, 2022
The many benefits of a pergola include elevating the look of your outdoor living space, and opening your patio to…

Alexa, What is a Voice Activated Pergola Roof?

September 27, 2022
The capabilities of modern home automation have become truly mind-boggling these days. With AI driven grocery lists to smartphone controlled…

Designing a Luxurious South Florida Pool Cabana?

September 19, 2022
Throughout South Florida backyard pools are one of the quintessential elements of a luxurious outdoor living space. Whether a small…

Pergola Near Swimming Pool? Yes, You Should!

September 9, 2022
Relaxing by the pool is one of the greatest ways to wind down with family and friends here in South…

Transform Your Residential or Commercial Patio with a Modern Pergola

August 12, 2022
Whether part of an outdoor living space or a profitable outdoor dining area, having the right patio design completely transforms…

South Florida Buyer’s Guide to the Pergola

July 8, 2022
Envision a gorgeous South Florida day, with brilliant sun cascading across your patio while you enjoy a refreshing cocktail with…

5 Ways a Screened-In Pergola Beats a Screened Porch

July 6, 2022
The screened-in porch can be a real nostalgia-tickling sight for many South Floridians. It seems everyone from Jupiter Beach to…

Advantages of a Pergola vs. a Patio Awning

June 25, 2022
Does the blazing sun keep you from enjoying your patio? If so, a quality shade covering will turn your outdoor…

Clash of the Patio Enclosures: Pergola vs. Sunroom

June 22, 2022
Are you looking to install a patio enclosure that can turn your outdoor living space into an all-weather relaxation destination?…

Angled Pergola Slats Versus Modern Louvered Roofs

June 18, 2022
A louvered roof pergola transforms any patio, deck or pool deck into an oasis for escaping the daily grind and…

Classic All White Pergola or Unique Custom Finishes? – Pergola Color Beyond the Aesthetics

June 15, 2022
When we sit with new clients and start to explore all the design elements of a new pergola project, we…

Everything You Need To Know About a Pergola Roof

June 1, 2022
Pergola roof ideas are very popular with home designers because they offer a lot of design flexibility with differing roof…

Cabanas Have Transitioned from Simple Huts to Modern Aluminum Outdoor Living Spaces

May 26, 2022
If you ask someone to envision a cabana, their thoughts will likely drift to an isolated beach bathed in sunset.…

Enjoying the Rain Showers in South Florida with a Rainproof Pergola

May 23, 2022
From country club estates to beachfront homes straddling pristine sandy shores, Florida’s Gold Coast is one of the most-sought-after residential…

4 Pergola Plans to Transform Your Outdoor Space into an Idyllic Retreat

May 21, 2022
Dating back to ancient Egypt, pergolas have long been built to offer shade from the blistering sun. While traditional pergolas…

Pergola Flooring That Luxes Up Your Outdoor Living

May 19, 2022
While the structure is often the first part of any pergola design conversation, an often-overlooked element of any luxury patio…

What is the Ideal Pergola Orientation for Optimal Shade?

May 16, 2022
Pergolas are the most flexible patio covers available today. Pergolas create shade, protect the patio from inclement weather, and beautifully…

The 4 Most-Important Things to Know About Building Luxury Patio Covers in the Palm Beach Area

May 13, 2022
Palm Beach is a mecca for luxury living. When your neighbors are stunning architectural gems like the Flagler Museum or…

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Pergola Contractor

April 27, 2022
Making the right decision on a pergola contractor for an outdoor project can seem like a daunting task. It is…

Inspiring Enclosed Pergola Designs

April 25, 2022
A modern all-weather pergola is simply the most flexible outdoor patio cover available today. Many homeowners choose a pergola because…

Everything You Need to Know About a Pergola Permit in Palm Beach County

April 15, 2022
Installation of a louvered roof system is a worthwhile home improvement project. Choosing the best quality pergola is only the…

Can You Build a Pergola Over a Hot Tub?

April 13, 2022
After a long day, there’s nothing quite like slipping into the jetted relaxation of a hot tub with your favorite…

How Much Does a Louvered Pergola Cost in Palm Beach?

April 1, 2022
Modern louvered roof pergolas are the most dynamic outdoor living structures currently on the market. It’s no wonder that they…

What Separates a Pergola and Gazebo

March 26, 2022
Are you considering adding a shade structure to your deck, patio or pool deck but are unsure which will best…

Make the Most of Florida Evenings with an Outdoor Patio Screen

March 20, 2022
For residents living along the Treasure Coast, spending time outside is a way of life. The area’s beautiful beaches and…

5 Reasons You Need a Pergola for Your Restaurant

March 17, 2022
The pandemic brought a great deal of pressure to bear on the hospitality industry as a whole. Recognizing these struggles,…

5 Reasons You Need a Covered Outdoor Kitchen

March 14, 2022
One of the hottest trends in outdoor design for the last couple of years has been the addition of elaborate,…

Pool Deck Design: Pool Cover Transforms into Party Deck

March 7, 2022
From the Gilded Age architecture of Palm Beach to the minimalism of contemporary homes in Boca Raton, Florida homeowners share…

6 Benefits of Adding a Pergola to Your Home

March 3, 2022
Pergolas are simply the most dynamic and flexible structure you can add to your outdoor living space. Pergolas are a…

A Primer on Pergola Height

February 22, 2022
So, you’ve decided you want to turn your deck, yard, patio or pool deck into your go-to outdoor relaxation space…

30 Trending Palm Beach Pergola Ideas

January 19, 2022
In Palm Beach, or any part of South Florida for that matter, maximizing the time you can enjoy your deck,…

Pergola Roof Options Make for a Dynamic Outdoor Living Space

January 31, 2022
The pergola is an ancient structure dating back to ancient Rome where designers turned the structure into an art form.…

Pergola Design Choices: Pergola Attached to the House Versus A Freestanding Pergola

January 28, 2022
Here in South Florida adding a modern pergola to your outdoor living space can truly transform the way you use…

Pergolas Make Ideal Windy Decks Solutions for Palm Beach County

January 25, 2022
Renowned for our long sun-soak days, Florida’s Gold Coast is an international haven for coastal relaxation. Along our golden shores,…

How Patio Covers Compare to a Pergola

January 18, 2022
Are the advantages of a pergola the best fit for your outdoor living lifestyle compared to alternatives like a shade…

Pergola Superiority: Pergola vs Arbors, Gazebos and Trellises

August 22, 2021
Often used interchangeably, the terms arbor, trellis, gazebo and pergola are actually very different sorts of outdoor structures. With an…

Pergola With Motorized Louvered Roof: Most-Flexible Shade Solution for Luxe Outdoor Living

August 22, 2021
Creating some shading for your patio or deck will make the space a far more comfortable and usable living space.…
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