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Can I Build a Fire Pit Under a Pergola?

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Jason Herring
April 17 2023

A patio fire pit is a very popular outdoor living amenity that homeowners have craved for a long time. Investing in a beautiful backyard fire pit will not only deliver tons of family fun, but it is an investment that will pay for itself in spades. According to Apartment Therapy, fire pit projects deliver an average 500% return on investment when it's time to sell your home.

Outdoor fire pits can range from a small ring of bricks, to purpose-built steel discs, to large scale mortar and stone outdoor fireplaces. For those that love cooking outdoors, these pits can include grill grates or brick ovens. Regardless of the scale of your fire pit project, though, you will want to make sure you can enjoy the new feature regardless of the weather. Luckily, with the assistance of a knowledgeable pergola contractor, you can have just about any type of fire pit installed below your pergola.

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Material Selection is Key for a Fire Pit Under a Pergola

The most important thing to know when adding a fire pit to a covered patio is that not all pergolas are ideally suited to hosting a fire feature. Wooden and vinyl pergolas can be susceptible to damage from the heat and sparks so, choose a modern aluminum pergola that can handle the heat rising from a fire pit or wood grill. The advanced powder coating on an aluminum pergola will also be easier to clean should ash or soot build up over time. Whether you are planning for a fire pit or an outdoor grill, an aluminum pergola will be the best option.

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Ventilation for a Fire Pit Pergola

Proper ventilation of the covered patio fire pit or outdoor kitchen is imperative. Freestanding pergolas generally are constructed with four open sides, making them a great option for venting heat, ash and smoke from a fire pit with patio cover. Ideally, the pergola should also feature an adjustable louvered roof design that can be opened when the fire is lit. This is not only safer, and cleaner by reducing soot build up, but the natural airflow will better feed the fire. For pergolas attached to the house, where airflow is diminished, this adjustable louver system is even more important. Side ventilation is also an important consideration. If you are planning to add motorized retractable screens or curtains to your pergola with a fire pit, it is best to choose a screen material that allows airflow like a sheer material or insect screens

pergola bbq fire pit

Customize the Pergola Height for a Fire Pit

The overall height of your pergola will also help dictate what type of fire feature you should choose. It is imperative that there is plenty of clearance between the top of the fire pit and the pergola roof. If you are adding a new fire pit to an existing aluminum pergola, let the structure’s height be a guide to what type of fire features you consider. If you are building a new aluminum pergola over an existing or new fire pit, though, a qualified pergola contractor will be able to customize the pergola height to coexist safely with your dream patio.

Choose a Qualified Pergola Contractor

As we recommend for any pergola project, it is always best to work with a knowledgeable pergola contract with a proven track record. A local specialist will also be able to help you navigate unique local building regulations, as well as fire codes that may impact a project with a fire pit on a covered patio. Ideally, a custom pergola designer, like SYZYGY Global, will provide the most flexibility for your project. If you are just starting to research nearby pergola contractors, check out our tips for selecting the best contractor.

Fire Safety and Local Regulations

The first step in any pergola fire pit project will always be to review local building and fire codes to learn what is permitted in your area. It will also be necessary to discuss the fire pit addition with your homeowner’s insurance provider to see if they require any specific safety measures for a fire pit on patio. It is likely that highlighting your plans for maintaining proper fire safety can be impactful in those discussions as well.

As your pergola and fire pit project takes shape, make sure to keep these general fire safety tips in mind:

  • Keep the proper fire extinguisher close at hand for emergencies
  • Include a spark screen in the design to prevent sparks and embers from floating away
  • Never rely on chemical fire-starting fluids
  • Never burn wood treated with any chemicals like paint or stain, or pressure treated lumber
  • Double check that the fire is completely out before retiring for the night
  • Never leave the fire alone especially with children around


Whether you are looking to add a simple gas fire pit to the patio, or build a comprehensive wood-burning outdoor kitchen under your pergola, make sure to choose the right pergola and fire pit combination for your project. Trust a professional to advise on the safest way to create your dream space, and always use it with the proper combination of enjoyment and caution. If you would like to dive into a pergola-covered fire pit patio project in the South Florida region, reach out to our design team to initiate your consultation today.

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