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Increase Restaurant Revenues with Expanded Outdoor Dining Spaces

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Jason Herring
Chief Executive Officer
September 12, 2023
UPDATED September 21, 2023

The restaurant industry can be a fickle business model. Most restaurants operate on minimal profit margins, relying on volume sales to drive revenue. Balancing quality service, an intriguing menu, and a clientele always demanding consistency requires every restaurant to operate with extreme efficiency. Even the most in-demand restaurant can face a tough night if one part of that fine-tuned machine breaks down. One of the best ways to increase restaurant revenues and boost the chances of success for a hospitality business is by expanding outdoor dining spaces.

Benefits of Expanded Outdoor Dining Space

There are several ways in which expanded outdoor dining can have a positive impact on your restaurant profit.

  • Increase Capacity – Restaurant ROI is truly a numbers game. Adding seats is obviously the most direct way to increase restaurant sales. More seats mean more covers. The cost of adding an outdoor dining room will depend on the overall size of the space, chosen finishes, and accessories. However, estimating the timeline for a return on that investment can give restaurateurs confidence in their decision.
  • Create an Inviting Entrance – Adding extra seating capacity is all for naught unless customers walk through the door to take them. A beautiful covered al fresco dining space at the entrance of a restaurant is a great way to make the entire restaurant feel more welcoming to passersby and guests alike.
  • Let the Plates do the Marketing – For restaurants in high traffic areas, an outdoor dining space can be a marketing tool. As potential customers pass by the restaurant, they not only see happy customers but they get to preview the dishes on the menu. Harnessing the power of FOMO can be a real attraction for new customers, whether they divert into the dining room immediately or they make a note to return in the future.
  • Create Unique Dining Environments – Outdoor dining spaces also allow restaurateurs to create uniquely-themed spaces distinct from the restaurant’s interior décor. Imagine dining in nature under a garden pergola, or a waterfront fine dining restaurant adding a more casual alternative outdoor space overlooking the sea. Offering customers a one-of-a-kind experience is a recipe for repeat customers and a great way to reliably increase restaurant revenues.
  • Reduce Customer Wait Times – A major hindrance to maximizing restaurant profitability is high wait times. While seeing a line out the door is a sign that a restaurant has tapped into a valuable customer base, even the most loyal customers have limits to their patience. Expanding available seating is a sure-fire way to mitigate potentially damaging wait times.

Custom Pergolas for Outdoor Dining Spaces

When envisioning outdoor dining spaces, most restaurateurs and customers alike will conjure images of a sweeping patio dotted with small tables under little patio umbrellas. While these minimalist umbrellas are fairly ubiquitous, anyone who has dined under them knows their shortcomings. For customers, there is the unspoken game of musical chairs to decide who sits in the shaded seats and who will melt in the sun-bleached seats. For restaurateurs, simple patio umbrellas are a constant headache that tend to fly off in a slight breeze and break from wear and tear. Other minimalist shade solutions offer similar limitations.

For restaurants looking to solve all of these shortcomings and make a bold design statement with their covered outdoor seating area, a modern aluminum pergola is the money-making solution. With the ability to customize a pergola restaurant owners can take advantage of this structure’s unique benefits, including:

1. Fit Any Available Space

We design each pergola project to your unique needs. This means your pergola can fit into any space whether it is a large existing patio abutting the restaurant, a cozy alleyway between buildings, or a detached structure overlooking a golf course or beach.

2. Full Protection from the Elements

Unlike little patio umbrellas, a modern pergola covers the entire patio, roof deck, or sidewalk from end to end. This means there are no less-desirable seats in the sun for customers to fight over. A high-quality pergola will stand against the harsh sun and afternoon showers to keep customers comfortable throughout their meal.

3. Seamless Integration with Existing Architecture

Our custom pergolas can be designed to accentuate any architectural style and seamlessly work with your existing restaurant exterior. We can custom color-match the exterior powder coating with your branded colors or leverage popular standard colors like white, black, gray, or bronze exteriors to make a new pergola look like part of the original architectural plans. The pergolas we build also feature no external assembly hardware, so the pergola roofs look sleek throughout.

4. Durable Construction

Our pergolas are crafted from high-quality aluminum and coated with durable powder coatings to stand up to the tropic elements here in South Florida. Not only does our manufacturing partner, Azenco, warranty the pergolas for 15 years, but these structures require minimal pergola maintenance.

5. Two Roof Styles from Which to Choose

When restaurants choose to build a custom pergola with SYZYGY Global, they are able to select between two roof styles. An insulated fixed-roof pergola creates full-time shade and reflects the sun’s rays to keep the patio below cool on the warmest days. This style is often preferred in more densely-built areas where tall buildings obstruct the view of blue skies above. Alternatively, restaurateurs can choose a motorized adjustable louvered roof pergola design. This roof style opens and closes to allow sun to reach the patio when desired but also closes tightly to keep rain or harsh sun off the dining space below, making it ideal for restaurants in open areas like golf courses or roof decks.

6. Smart Pergolas for Seamless Enjoyment

For restaurants opting for a motorized louvered roof design, smart sensors can be integrated with the roof to automatically open and close the louvers without restaurant staff having to remember to find the remote control. With a rain sensor monitoring for showers, the pergola will automatically close if rain is detected. A wind sensor can also be included to watch for heavy winds and open the louvers to prevent damage during storms.

SYZYGY Global the Trusted Pergola Contractor for Florida Restaurants

When restaurateurs choose to add a luxurious outdoor dining space to their hospitality business, it is imperative they choose a skilled contractor with local expertise. It is important to make sure your contractor knows their business and has an established track record with the design and installation of commercial pergola. It’s also nice when your expert pergola contractor understands your business as well.

Here at SYZYGY Global, we have worked with many of the region’s most prestigious restaurants and private clubs, as well as many national brands, to craft durable, luxurious outdoor dining spaces for restaurants. Some of the projects we have completed include:


Our team has developed pergolas for multiple locations of Tiger Woods’ innovative golf entertainment venues including its Sarasota, Florida location as well as facilities in Glendale, Arizona and Katy, Texas.

1000 North

For this outdoor dining space in Jupiter, Florida, our team created a covered outdoor dining space between existing buildings to nearly double the restaurant’s seating capacity.

Boca West Country Club’s Mr. D’s Restaurant

A truly special project that has earned SYZYGY Global multiple awards, this expansive adjustable louvered roof pergola covered an expanded and redesigned outdoor dining space, and provided sun and rain protection for a new interactive driving range suite attached to the restaurant at the prestigious country club in Boca Raton, Florida.

Beyond our award-winning designs for these restaurants, our manufacturing partners at Azenco have manufactured custom pergolas for restaurants around the country, including:

Mila Restaurant - Miami Beach, FL

Turning an exposed rooftop deck into an intimate dining space complete with cozy privacy pergolas helped make this Miami Beach, Florida restaurant a trendy dining destination.

Southern Table Kitchen - New York State

An adjustable louvered roof restaurant pergola brought the charm of Southern stylings to this Westchester, New York restaurant.

Wykagyl Country Club Restaurant - New York State

An upgraded patio cover for the restaurant at this storied country club brought an updated elegance to its historic facilities in New Rochelle, New York.


The restaurant business brings joy to both customers and restaurant owners alike, but building a successful restaurant means constantly finding innovative ways to increase restaurant revenues, and covered outdoor dining is one way to reach that goal. If you would like to explore pergola systems for commercial area dining spaces, please contact our design team today.

Jason Herring
Chief Executive Officer
Jason Herring is the owner, CEO, and founder of SYZYGY Global. With a background in finance and software, he is a serial entrepreneur known for his hyper attention to detail. Jason's expertise lies in developing future visions and growth strategies for his company, as well as implementing efficient processes and operational strategies. He excels at building strong relationships and enjoys actively engaging with clients. Jason's leadership has propelled SYZYGY Global to success, making him a respected figure in the business world.
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