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Inspiring Enclosed Pergola Designs

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Jason Herring
April 25 2022

A modern all-weather pergola is simply the most flexible outdoor patio cover available today. Many homeowners choose a pergola because its open sides maintain sweeping views, and seamlessly connect their covered outdoor living space with the rest of their yard, deck, or pool area. In some cases, though, homeowners might be looking to create more privacy on their patio. With the right design elements, a pergola can quickly transition from an airy outdoor space to a more enclosed,  private affair. 

Full-Time Privacy v. Transitional Privacy Options

The enclosed pergola designs we create here at SYZYGY Global allow us to offer our customers amazing flexibility in their outdoor living space. When it comes to creating privacy for a pergola space, customers have a few options to consider. Generally, these designs fall into two main categories. A pergola that will ensure full-time privacy or a pergola that can easily transition from open and airy to intimate and private. The former is usually a preferred design path when nearby neighbors or public rights of way routinely offer views into your outdoor living space, while the latter is favored when you want to open and close the privacy barriers at your discretion.

privacy walls enclosed pergola

Ultimate Seclusion with Privacy Walls

Privacy walls are static walls for your enclosed pergola that create permanent privacy on one or more sides of the covered patio. These walls can take on many different looks that can actually elevate the style of your outdoor space.  Privacy walls can be fabricated from louvers that allow air to flow while blocking the view into the space. These louvered walls can even be customized as sliding segments that can open whenever desired. Truly static, permanently stationary privacy walls, are another option. These walls can be covered with artwork or climbing plants. We have created privacy walls adorned with faux shrubberies that eliminate landscaping hassles of live plants. An added benefit of a solid privacy wall is it can block wind, which can be particularly appealing to clients in coastal areas.

privacy walls patio cover

Enclosed Pergola Privacy Screens

For more flexible privacy options, clients can also opt for retractable outdoor patio screens. These motorized screens roll up into the pergola frame to remain invisible when not in use. Rolled down at the push of a button, screens can be made from an array of materials. Sheer privacy screens allow some light penetration into the patio, while more dense materials can also block the sunlight, if preferred. Combined with the unique gapless louvered roof in the pergolas we design, these privacy screens can offer the added benefit of sealing out mosquitos and any other unwanted insects prevalent here in South Florida.

Partitioning a Pergola 

Privacy walls and screens can also be combined to create subdivided areas under a single larger pergola. So, if you are adding a patio cover to your pool deck, you can create outdoor changing rooms with static louvered partition walls, all while maintaining an open concept throughout the rest of the pergola. Layer in some retractable screens around the perimeter of the enclosed pergola, and you will have even more flexibility to create privacy when desired.

In Conclusion

With the flexibility to open its louvered roof to allow the sun to reach the patio, or close completely to seal out the rain, an adjustable louvered roof pergola creates the most dynamic all-weather outdoor living space possible. Combining a modern pergola with the perfect balance of privacy options will ensure you are able to enjoy your outdoor space regardless of who is peeking in from nearby. If you are looking to spruce up your outdoor space with an enclosed pergola suited to your style, reach out to our design team to see how we can cater to all your outdoor cover needs.

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