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Syzygy Pergolas & Pool Covers in Palm Beach
Syzygy Pergolas & Pool Covers in Palm Beach

5 Reasons You Need a Pergola for Your Restaurant

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Jason Herring
March 17 2022

The pandemic brought a great deal of pressure to bear on the hospitality industry as a whole. Recognizing these struggles, many counties and municipal governments throughout South Florida established temporary relief for expanded al fresco dining. For restaurants that never offered outdoor dining in the past, these new spaces became real revenue-driving investments; and customers proved to love dining outdoors. For restaurants here in Boynton Beach and on to Palm Beach and Delray Beach, where leveraging the crowds drawn by seasonal tourism is a must, investing in all-weather dining can be a real game changer.

If you have been considering adding a pergola to your restaurant, here are five reasons to take that instinct very seriously.

1. Comfort for Outdoor Diners

First and foremost, adding an all-weather restaurant pergola to your outdoor space can create a more comfortable and enjoyable dining experience for your guests. With a modern restaurant pergola, you can protect your diners from the sun, and with our pergolas you can even block out the rain, allowing customers to enjoy the showers under the protection of your restaurant pergola.

One great example of a modern pergola creating more suitable dining space comes from our manufacturing partner Azenco. The company fabricated a 1,150 square foot adjustable louvered roof pergola for the World of Beer in Tampa, FL. The pergola instantly turned an open-air terrace into an all-weather dining space that guests could enjoy regardless of the weather conditions.

world of beer tampa

2. Expand Capacity

Given the volume-based model on which most restaurants operate, increasing seating capacity is the easiest way to boost revenues. By making your outdoor dining space accessible no matter the weather, a covered restaurant patio can instantly expand seating capacity that you can rely upon rain or shine.

SYZYGY Global recently completed a project for the famed Boca West Country Club in Boca Raton, FL which expanded the capacity for its Mr. D’s 19th hole restaurant patio to 300 seats. Covering 3,550 square feet, the new louvered-roof pergola replaced an outdated awning with an automated adjustable louvered roof outfitted with integrated sensors and programmable settings to automatically open and close for rain, sun, and shade.

boca west r blade pergola 1 1

3. ROI is Strong for Pergola Additions

Making your restaurant terrace accessible to diners regardless of the blazing sun or pouring rain also allows you to truly count on the anticipated revenue from that expanded seating capacity. The ability to more concretely project revenues also allow restaurant owners to project realistic return-on-investment timelines for their pergola-covered restaurant terrace investment.

At the height of the pandemic, one SYZYGY Global customer, the Grille at Martin’s Landing in Hobe Sound, FL, added multiple automated pergola units to create a new outdoor dining space. That investment quickly began generating $250,000 in gross revenue each month. For this restaurant, adding an entirely new outdoor dining space, the investment in its new restaurant terrace was an immediate game changer for the business’ bottom line.

grille martin 2

4. Design Enhancements

Beyond the functionality of a modern pergola, the architectural structure can also deliver an eye-catching design punch to a restaurant’s outdoor dining space. With the fully-customized pergolas that we design here at SYZYGY Global, the pergola can become a work of art that accents the restaurant’s style. Additionally, our pergolas can be outfitted with privacy curtains to carve out intimate table spaces within the larger outdoor dining room. Our pergolas can also feature retractable sun screens, embedded LED lighting and even infrared heaters to ward off the occasional evening chill.

One project which really highlights just how much style and luxury a pergola addition can bring to a restaurant space was completed by our manufacturing partners at Azenco. The project turned an exposed rooftop restaurant in historic South Beach Miami into an indoor/outdoor space fitting of the posh neighborhood. Once completed, the restaurant added 3,000 square feet of all-weather dining that could be sectioned off to create intimate dining enclosures.

rooftop pergola restaurant
Mila Restaurant - Rooftop terrace, Miami Beach Fl.

5. Added Amenities for Guests

While creating a covered dining space may be the central goal of any restaurant pergola project, these projects can also be optimized to allow restaurants to offer unique amenities. One example is an elaborate covered walkway that SYZYGY Global designed for the Admirals Cove Country Club in Jupiter, FL. This masterful porte-cochère created a welcoming design for the club’s entrance and protected guests from the rain and sun as they made their way into the club house.

walkway admirals cove
Admirals Cove walkway

The standout amenities that a restaurant pergola can enable are extremely diverse, really only limited by the imagination. The project mentioned earlier at Boca West Country Club is one perfect example. In addition to doubling its dining capacity, Boca West’s new louvered-roof pergola seamlessly connects seven new interactive golf driving suites to the restaurant. The new revenue-rich amenity offers the restaurant the ability to host fun interactive multiplayer games ideal for small group gatherings.


Adding a restaurant pergola can help just about any dining establishment expand seating capacities, elevate the styling of their outdoor spaces, and create new revenue-driving amenities, and the ROI on such projects is rapid. If you are looking to take your restaurant business to the next level, please reach out to us and we can help you realize your outdoor dining vision.

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