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Pergola Flooring That Luxes Up Your Outdoor Living

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Julie Hawbaker
May 19 2022

While the structure is often the first part of any pergola design conversation, an often-overlooked element of any luxury patio is the pergola flooring. Installing a modern aluminum pergola will change the way you and your family use your outdoor living space. With a motorized louvered pergola your patio seamlessly transitions from full sun to heat-blocking shade. Here at SYZYGY Global, we are able to fully customize your pergola design choices from the size and shape of the structure to the pergola height, and exterior color.

Why Is Pergola Flooring Important?

The materials of your patio floor have several impacts on the design and function of your pergola. From an aesthetic perspective, the pergola flooring is a highly-visible element of the overall outdoor design. The colors and tones will impact the overall feel of the space. Where light colored stone pavers will brighten up a space, darker stained wood will mute the reflective rays of the sun. Texture is also a key element of pergola flooring choices. Choosing smooth marble tiles will drastically change the look and feel when compared to grass. Functionally, pergola flooring is also an element of well-thought-out patio drainage. Particularly for the rain-soaked South Florida communities we serve, ensuring rainwater properly drains through the pergola’s hidden internal gutter system and away from the living space is critical. In some instances, pressed concrete could be ideal for allowing rain water to flow further past the patio, while in other instances, an absorbent flooring material like natural grass may be the best solution.

The Best Pergola Flooring Options

Let’s take a look at some outdoor flooring options most common to the Palm Beach and Gold Coast area.

Classic Wooden Deck Pergola Flooring

While it may seem rustic and one-dimensional, traditional wooden decking can actually be quite versatile for a pergola floor. Wooden decking may be left untreated to age into a rustic hue or finished with an array of stains and exterior paints. Wood not only offers innumerable color options, but also is a relatively inexpensive option for pergola flooring. With modern composite decking materials, the “wood” may take on a sleek finish and provide life-long durability.

Tile Flooring for Low Maintenance Style

A step up from wooden decking, tile flooring delivers a very low maintenance option that brings a next level of style and luxury to a patio floor. Tiles may vary in price from more-affordable ceramics to pricier marbles, porcelains, and travertine tiles. A tile patio can easily be hosed down or cleaned up with a mop, but thinner tiles may be subject to cracking and need replacement over time. Some tiles can also become slippery when wet, so those are not ideal for areas around the pool and may require added planning to accommodate proper drainage from rain runoff.

Pavers Are the Most Traditional Patio Flooring

Outdoor pavers are by far the most common choice for pergola flooring. Available in just about any stone or cement cast, pavers vary from small one-foot squares to massive slabs. Designing a pergola floor with pavers offers a lot of flexibility too. The stone color can impact the look and feel of the outdoor space, and an array of textures can be brought to patio design. Pavers can also be placed to create a single seamless floor area or spaced out with crushed stone or grass between them. This spacing can be leveraged to ensure the patio drains well during rainstorms as well.

pergola pavers

Green Grass Patios

A final pergola flooring option common in South Florida is grass, especially for clients selecting an adjustable louvered roof pergola. The ability to open the roof to allow sun to reach the patio means true natural grass can be planted as pergola flooring. Bringing grass into the covered patio helps connect the rest of the yard and surrounding landscaping, and is great for barefoot relaxation. For homeowners that want the look and feel of grass on their patio without the landscaping hassle, interlocking panels of artificial grass can make a nice addition as well.


A pergola will forever change the way you use your outdoor space. The myriad of choices you have for pergola flooring will create the look and feel of your new outdoor living space. If you are looking to add a covered outdoor patio to your home, our design experts are available to help guide you through the design process.

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