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Syzygy Pergolas & Pool Covers in Palm Beach

How to Build a Pergola with TV for the South Florida Environment

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Jason Herring
October 3 2022

The Palm Beach outdoor lifestyle is one of glitz and luxury, but when year-round residents are looking to relax on their patio, pool deck or ocean view deck, they want to bring the indoors outside. Such indoor amenities include TVs, fireplaces, and outdoor kitchens to name a few. Building a pergola with TV, or a pergola with fireplace and TV, will truly maximize any outdoor living space, but there are some special accommodations that will need to be made. Let’s explore some of the technical advice you will need as we build a gazebo with fireplace and TV.

Outdoor Rated TV Sets

Adding a TV to your outdoor living space might seem as simple as designing a pergola with tv mount, but it is more complicated. With the humid climate of tropical South Florida, a specially designed outdoor TV is a must. Multiple manufacturers sell purpose-built outdoor TV sets that protect themselves against creeping moisture by weather-sealing internal components. While our pergolas are designed to seal tightly against rain showers, even a TV under a pergola needs to be protected from atmospheric moisture. For an added layer of protection, we often recommend a pergola with TV, including a weathertight TV cabinet as well. Another benefit of selecting one of these purpose built outdoor units is the remote will be sufficiently weatherized as well. 

Designing the Best Backyard Gazebo with TV

Designing a gazebo with tv needs to be a strategic process. The process is a bit more complicated than simply deciding between a pergola vs patio awning. Particular attention will need to be paid to the selection of the pergola roof to ensure the pergola provides the needed rain protection for the TV unit. Choosing a solid-roof pergola creates full-time shade and provides complete rain projection of the entire patio. Its integrated ceiling beam also provides a place from which to hang a TV, and hide away wiring. It can also enable us to create a pergola with fan and tv. 

Unless you are looking to create a pergola with tv wall for a fully-appointed outdoor theater, you likely will not always be watching TV outdoors. Building more flexibility into your outdoor living space will ensure you get the most from the space. Selecting an adjustable louvered roof design will allow you to control the sun/shade balance of your patio. Leveraging the truly gapless louver design only found in the R-Blade Pergolas fabricated by our manufacturing partner, Azenco, these motorized louvers can actually close tightly to seal out the rain and protect your electronics in your gazebo with tv. To make sure your TV doesn’t get caught out in a rainstorm, we can integrate an intuitive sensor array that will monitor for rain showers and automatically close at the first sign of rain. Another benefit of the adjustable louvered roof pergola is it allows you to safely add a fireplace or firepit to your covered patio. By opening the louvers when the fire is lit, heat, smoke, and ash are better able to escape the pergola.

The Importance of TV Placement in a Pergola with TV

One important part of the design process for your pergola with TV will be to pre-visualize the best location for the TV unit. To start, we will look at the prevailing track of the sun in your area to determine the best pergola orientation. This process ensures the louvered roof is opening at the ideal angle to the sun to give you the most control over the sun/shade balance. Additionally, in any outdoor living space, sunlight can reflect off adjacent pools, cars, or home windows. So, visualizing where the glare might interrupt your TV watching is imperative. If necessary, we can also integrate motorized sun shades to retract when not in use to help defeat glare issues. If you anticipate your outdoor TV time will stretch into the evenings, we can even opt for retractable insect screens to keep the bugs away, effectively turning the patio into a screened-in pergola.

Another element of TV placement in your pergola comes down to safeguarding your investment. All of our modern aluminum pergolas are powder coated to keep out rust, a very necessary step in the tropical climate of South Florida. Drilling into the powder coated aluminum is never advisable. Ideally, we would locate a TV on the exterior wall of a home, or design a purpose-built privacy wall from which to hang the TV as part of the overall pergola design.

Outdoor pergola TV - Palm Beach


Modern pergolas with louvered roof can turn any patio, deck or pool deck into a truly flexible outdoor living space. Bringing indoor amenities like fireplaces, TVs, lighting, etc. to the patio can also turn the space from a simple relaxation zone to an outdoor entertainment venue for the whole family. If you would like to explore the joys of an outdoor theater for your Palm Beach home, contact us today and our design team will help you build your dream space. 

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