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Can You Build a Pergola Over a Hot Tub?

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Jason Herring
April 13 2022

After a long day, there’s nothing quite like slipping into the jetted relaxation of a hot tub with your favorite cocktail of choice. If hot-tubbing is how you unwind at home, you certainly do not want it to become a point of stress either. Adding a pergola over hot tub can help protect your investment, turning your hot-tubbing space into a perfectly private backyard escape available to you regardless of the weather. With a smart adjustable louvered roof pergola, you can even control how much sun reaches the jacuzzi!

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Protect Your Hot Tub with a Pergola 

All hot tubs require some basic maintenance, but tubs exposed to the elements can easily be cluttered with leaves, bugs, and debris, exacerbating maintenance needs. Adding a pergola over your hot tub can keep all of these annoyances at bay. After all, who wants to deal with bugs floating by while trying to relax? Adding a pergola over hot tub can also create some shade for your basking place, making it more accessible when the South Florida sun is beating down in the afternoon. Protecting the tub from the sun can also prevent fading from powerful UV rays. Lastly, erecting a pergola over your hot tub can block out the rain, ensuring you can enjoy your hot tub even during routine afternoon showers.

Create Privacy for Your Hot-Tubbing

Some people might enjoy relaxing in their hot tub with sweeping views of the beach, but if you live in a more tight knit neighborhood, you might fancy added privacy for your outdoor space. Adding a pergola over hot tub can instantly create a separation between your bubbling bath and a neighbor’s patio. The pergola roof also prevents prying eyes from neighboring high rises, and with an integrated motorized retractable outdoor patio screen, the space may be totally closed off from view at the push of a button.

Building a pergola over a hot tub does take some special consideration though. Some things for which to plan when designing your pergola over hot tub include:

Material Options Matter

A pergola built over a hot tub is likely to get splashed or impacted by overflowing tub waters. With the chemical treatments needed to keep a hot tub clean, the water can be rather damaging to some materials, especially wood. So, when adding a pergola over your hot tub, a high-quality aluminum with a durable powder coating would be the most-ideal option. 

Our pergolas are all made from fully custom-extruded aluminum that allows you full control over the pergola height. This means we can balance the height of the structure to provide the most shade, creating enough clearance above your jacuzzi to add lighting or a fan. Aluminum pergolas are also lightweight-yet-strong enough to easily accommodate elevated decks, verandas, or roof decks. With customizable powder coatings, the pergola over your hot tub can be color matched to your home’s exterior or even coated in wood grain for a more rustic beach look. 

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Ideal Roof Options for a Pergola Over Hot Tub

When it comes to customizing your hot tub cover, there are many pergola roof options to consider. A hot tub pergola can be designed with a fixed-panel roof to create full-time shade, or an adjustable louvered roof that allows you to control the sun/shade balance. The modern louvered roof pergolas we create are precision manufactured so they completely block out the rain when closed. We usually recommend homeowners opt for an adjustable louvered roof pergola over hot tub because it can promote air circulation, and adjust to the sun throughout the day. We can even integrate a rain sensor that monitors for the first drop of a shower, and that automatically closes the louvers to keep your soak from being interrupted by rain. 

With heavy winds we routinely see here in Palm Beach County, it’s imperative that your pergola be ready to stand up to anything Mother Nature musters. While the powder coated aluminum exterior is its first line of defense, the pergola also needs to be engineered to resist powerful storms. We often recommend clients to opt for an intuitive sensor-controlled adjustable louvered roof because not only is it the true epitome of outdoor luxury, but it also protects your pergola against excessive wind damage. 


Building a pergola over hot tub does come with some potential pitfalls if not designed and installed properly. With the numerous options available from roof design and exterior color options to optional sensor packages, a pergola can easily turn your jacuzzi area into an all-weather relaxation destination.

Contact us to learn more about the pergola options that would be ideal for your hot tub.

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