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Pergola Roof Options Make for a Dynamic Outdoor Living Space

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Jason Herring
January 31 2022

The pergola is an ancient structure dating back to ancient Rome where designers turned the structure into an art form. Often constructed from stone and marble, many of these Roman pergolas still stand today. Jumping to the present day, modern pergolas have taken these ancient structures to new levels of function and style with modern building materials, smart innovative design features and custom styling that makes them true architectural accents for any modern home.

Modern Pergola Materials

Today’s modern pergolas are fabricated from high-strength aluminum and are coated in advanced powder coatings that deliver life-long protection against the elements. Some pergola dealers might suggest wooden or vinyl roofed pergola are sufficient for your needs, but wood is susceptible to rot while vinyl tends to warp and fade in the sun. Anyone who has lived through a summer in South Florida knows that the combination of sun all year long and the damaging windy and rainy seasons here can cause real damage to less resilient materials. 

Fabricating a pergola with roof from high-quality powder-coated aluminum ensures life-long durability compared to fabric paneling or retractable canopies. These latter options not only fade over time and are prone to tearing in windstorms, but they also limit the design and feature options that the aluminum pergola ceiling provides.

Constructing pergolas from lightweight and high-strength aluminum also allows design creativity. With these materials we can imagine long single-extrusion frames that reduce the need for extra support columns, leaving your beachfront views totally unobstructed. Because aluminum pergolas are hollow, we can leverage that space for some amazing convenience and design features.

Pergola roof options - aluminum louvers

Modern Pergola Design and Functionality

While the Old World pergolas were static-roof structures designed to simply create partial shade, today’s modern pergola with roof feature truly dynamic designs that put the control of shade and sun right in the homeowner’s hands. Some pergolas, like the fully customizable Azenco products we rely on here at SYZYGY, can even seal out the rain and channel the rainwater through hidden drainage systems.  

Modern pergolas have become true smart features for your home as well. The aluminum construction allows us to embed LED lighting to create real ambiance in the evening or infrared heaters to fight the occasional South Florida chill, and louvered roof controls can be completely automated with intuitive sensor arrays.

With all this functionality, and a dynamic menu of innovative features to choose from, there are a couple popular design options for pergola roofs these days. 

Fixed Roof Panels

Similar to a gazebo or pavilion, a freestanding pergola is a great option for creating a relaxation space disconnected For homeowners looking to create full-time shade on their patio or on a roof deck, a fixed-roof design is a popular selection. The insulated sandwich panels repel the sun's rays keeping the living space below cool even on the warmest Florida days. From a style perspective, the static roof delivers a proper pergola ceiling. This solid roof can easily incorporate flush-mounted lighting or patio fans. For homeowners that would like to make their outdoor living space even more dynamic, an adjustable louvered roof pergola brings a new level of functionality.

Louvered Roof Panels

An adjustable louvered roof pergola allows homeowners to control the amount of sun and shade on their patio, and even close the roof to completely seal out the rain and any annoying drips. This complete rain seal is what makes the Azenco R-Blade pergolas that we employ truly unique in the market. Their gapless, dual-walled louver design catches every drop of water and channels it to the hidden internal drainage system. So, essentially, homeowners get the same full-shade and total rain protection seen in fixed-roof designs, but with the flexibility to open the roof when the weather is pristine. Afterall, that’s what we all live on Florida’s Gold Coast!

These motorized louvered roofs can be controlled with the push of a button, but for a truly intuitive hands-off option, we can fully automate the system with an integrated sensor array. An onboard rain sensor will close the roof at the first sign of rain, while wind sensors safeguard your investment by automatically opening the louvers in high wind conditions. As you might expect, we almost always recommend customers consider the more dynamic adjustable louvered roof pergola design, especially in the coastal areas of Florida where rain is a daily occurrence and powerful storms are almost as common. 


If you are considering adding a dynamic adjustable louvered roof pergola to your outdoor living space and would like Today’s modern aluminum pergola roof options have come a long way since the structures first appeared in the Age of Antiquity. Combining advanced building materials with inspired design and innovative smart technology has allowed the pergola to truly bring a new level of flexibility to how you use your outdoor spaces. If you’d like to explore design options for a new pergola for your home, please contact us today.

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