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Designing a Luxurious South Florida Pool Cabana?

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Jason Herring
September 19 2022

Throughout South Florida backyard pools are one of the quintessential elements of a luxurious outdoor living space. Whether a small plunge pool surrounded by a patio or a massive pool that hosts family by day and elegant cocktail parties by night, the backyard pool is a relaxation destination for many homeowners. As the leading pergola contractor in Palm Beach, Syzygy Global is often called upon to create unique pool cabana designs that amp up luxury. What should you know about adding a unique pool cabana to your backyard? Let’s explore the answers together.

What is a Pool Cabana?

A pool cabana creates a private shaded space by the pool. It is a great place for your guests to change into swimsuits, simply relax by the pool, as a full-service outdoor entertainment space. The structure differs from a pool house in that the latter is fully enclosed. It has a roof and one to three walls with the front of the structure facing the pool. Cabanas can be fabricated from an array of materials from simple cloth tents to a more luxurious aluminum cabana. Any type of cabana can create basic shade, but more advanced pool cabana designs can also include adjustable louvered roofs to allow you to control the sun/shade balance and block out the rain.

Shade and Rain Protection on the Pool Deck

Here in South Florida, the pool cabana’s main job is to create some shaded space. With the often-
extreme heat here, a permanent shade structure can extend the time you and your family will enjoy the pool deck. As with any patio cover in Palm Beach, the pool cabana also needs to be ready for routine afternoon showers. This means the structure needs to be built from materials that remain durable in such a humid and wet environment. A modern aluminum pergola or cabana is ideal.

Its powder coated exterior will prevent oxidation, and will stand up to any pool or rain water better than
wood that is prone to rotting. A modern aluminum cabana will also feature an integrated drainage system that channels rainwater through downspouts hidden in its support columns.

A Private Changing Space or Nap Zone

Your luxury pool cabana should also offer plenty of flexible privacy options. We can design your pool cabana with completely closed off spaces surrounded by solid privacy walls, or integrate retractable screens. These interior privacy screens should be clad with dense material to ensure complete privacy. Motorized retractable screens can also be added to the outer perimeter of the pergola or cabana frame to allow the entire space to become a more private affair. These screens are often made of sheer material that shades the sun.

Pool Cabana Designs with Plenty of Amenities

Bringing the amenities of your indoor living spaces to the pool cabana is a great way to up the luxe factor on any pool deck. Any solid privacy wall can offer space to mount TVs, artwork, or planters. We can also integrate embedded LED lighting, cooling fans, or even infrared heaters for an evening dip. The Azenco K-Bana can scale to meet all of your outdoor adventures as well. An outdoor dining space, complete outdoor wet bar or full kitchen, fire pits, and barbecues are all excellent additions to a luxury pool cabana.

How Much Will It Cost for a Pool Cabana?

Cabana project budgets vary based on numerous factors. Pool cabana designs vary from simple 8’ x 8’ structures to massive pool deck enclaves with all the amenities of a luxury resort. Obviously, the overall size of the structure will be a key denominator in the overall project cost. So wil the amenities and integrated functionality you would like to add. Engineering and permitting approvals are also a component of any project budget. While most of the pool cabanas we design are built on the R-Shade fixed roof pergola or the R-Blade adjustable louvered roof pergola, crafted by our manufacturing partner, Azenco, more and more customers are gravitating towards the new Azenco K-Bana product as well. This modular pool cabana can be customized with solid or louvered roofs and walls, sliding doors, windows, etc. Because the product does not require footings, it often does not require the strict permitting of a larger pergola, making it an ideal option for homeowners looking to bring the luxury feel to their pool cabana on a tighter budget.


If you want to truly ramp up the luxury on your pool deck, nothing will deliver the form, function and fun of a pool cabana. If you would like to explore designs that will put your deck on par with a South Florida luxury resort, reach out to us and we will have one of our design specialists contact you.

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