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Classic All White Pergola or Unique Custom Finishes? – Pergola Color Beyond the Aesthetics

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Julie Hawbaker
June 15 2022

When we sit with new clients and start to explore all the design elements of a new pergola project, we start from the most elemental aspects of the structure and work towards the finer details. Does the client envision a pergola attached to the house, or a standalone shade structure? Is a static, fixed roof pergola creating full-time shade preferred, or are they excited for the flexibility of an automated adjustable louvered roof pergola? With so many choices to make, the one design consideration most clients think they have sorted is what color they want their pergola to be. Some envision a classic white pergola, while others want a contemporary two-tone design, or even faux wood textures. In practice though, choosing the colors for louvers, beams, and support columns can be impacted by several elements. 

White Pergola Still Top Selection

A vast majority of the pergola projects we install here in South Florida feature neutral tones. While you are likely to see many black pergolas being constructed, a gray pergola is also a popular selection. Yet, the white pergola remains very popular as a classic look here in tropical Florida. These popular color schemes are essentially the “Frank Sinatra” of pergola choices, as they will remain classy and stylish with just about any architecture type. They are also more-likely to accommodate future home renovations. That said, more and more homeowners are opting to customize their pergola color to fit their unique home design. For these customers, we are able to color match the pergola’s powder coating to any color imaginable, and even create a modern-yet-rustic feel with simulated wood grain options.

free standing white pergola

Diving Deep on Choosing Pergola Colors

When it comes to selecting your pergola color, the ultimate choice is really one of personal taste, but there are some guidelines we usually talk through with clients. Here in South Florida, we work with plenty of client’s whose neighborhood is governed by a Homeowners Association (HOA) or historic district commission. Most of these associations have covenants regulating color choice for outdoor structures, which may limit your choices. With these potential limitations in mind, some other considerations we often suggest to clients as they peruse the color wheel include:

  • Sticking with matte colors is ideal because it reduces glare, while a gloss finish makes the powder coated pergola pop in the sun. Striking the ideal balance is the goal.
  • Overly rich colors can provide a great accent for the louvers, but can also make the space feel more constricted.
  • Be cautious of darker-colored louvers that absorb more heat. They can make it more difficult to cool your covered patio. 
  • A two-tone pergola with differing colors for the frame and louvers can create a great architectural look allowing the structure to stand out in your overall outdoor design.
  • Textured finishes can be added to a pergola, although smooth finishes are ideal for lighter colors like a white pergola.
  • For homeowners looking to bring a rustic feel to their outdoor living space, we are able to customize the exterior coating with simulated wood grains that are great for Florida’s more laidback beachfront homes.

2022 Trends: Two-Tone Color Schemes Surpassing the White Pergola

The all white pergola (i.e., white frame, white columns, and white louvers) has been a classic combination for many years. Afterall, a white pergola with motorized louvered roof really does compliment just about any home design. Yet, here in South Florida, it has been waning in popularity recently. With all the blazing sunny days we see, a white pergola can often reflect too much sunlight, sending you looking for your sunglasses every time you step out onto the patio. Increasingly, two-tone color schemes have become a favorite of our clients, with the frame and columns color matched to the home’s exterior, and the pergola louvers a lighter accent color. This style not only lightens up the space under the patio covers, but also allows the louvers to create an architectural element against the blue sky. This visual effect is great for standalone pergolas, but it is also more striking in a pergola attached to the house where the frame seamlessly blends in with the home’s exterior motif.

Conclusion: Options Beyond the White Pergola

Choosing the color scheme for your new pergola is often one of the final steps in the design process, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is the easiest step in the process. We work hand-in-hand with all of our clients to help them visualize their final project, and ensure the color scheme selected will make the new pergola a seamless part of their home design. If you would like to explore a pergola project for your home, please contact our design team today. 

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