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Choosing the Best Fan for Patio Covers with Ceiling Fans

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Jason Herring
October 6 2022

Louvered roof pergolas leverage natural airflow with louver direction to create a gentle breeze throughout a covered patio. With the slightest breeze, the effect keeps fresh air moving through the patio to cool the space on its own. For days when the heat climbs, especially in humid tropical climates like South Florida, some additional cooling can be nice to have as well. Many SYZYGY Global customers opt to add fans to their luxury patio covers to provide the added boost when needed. Patio covers with ceiling fans allow the homeowner to take more control over the temperature than simply relying on the pergola roof to move the dense humid air. A pergola fan can also help elevate the style of a modern pergola. There are some important hardware features needed for an outdoor fan, though, so let’s review some prerequisites and available options.

Designing Patio Covers with Ceiling Fans

Whether designing outdoor covers for a commercial property, like a restaurant, country club, or a private residence, patio covers with ceiling fans require some special considerations. Most importantly, the pergola height needs to be adjusted to provide extra clearance for spinning fan blades. 

Additionally, the pergola’s roof needs to include an accessory beam. This hollow aluminum beam is designed to blend in seamlessly with the pergola frame. The beam not only provides structural integrity and a place to mount the fan, but offers space to tuck any wiring to keep it out of view. 

Lastly, patio covers with ceiling fans will need a control unit for the fan. The most common option is a wireless handheld remote. Fan controls can also be integrated with smart home voice controls for totally hands-free operation.

patio covers with ceiling fans

Necessary Hardware Features of an Outdoor Fan

With the structure ready to accommodate a pergola fan, the next step is to select a suitable patio fan. The average home ceiling fan is not designed for outdoor use, so there are some necessary features for which to look, including:

  • Wet-rated – While the fan unit will be protected from direct rain by the pergola’s roof when closed, a wet-rated fan will be sealed to better protect against atmospheric corrosion.
  • Material – Ensuring the unit is crafted from material appropriate for outdoor use, such as aluminum, stainless steel or plastic, will improve durability.
  • Fan size – Larger fans spin at lower RPM than smaller fans, and they can also create a “strobing effect” if LEDs have been embedded into the pergola. So, if you are looking to create a stiff breeze, multiple smaller fans will be preferable to a single large fan. 
  • AC power – Any fans used for motorized louvered pergolas need to be powered by AC (alternating current) motors. Selecting a DC (direct current) fan will incur new levels of permitting. AC motored fans are also more compact.

Plenty of Fan Styles for Patio Covers with Ceiling Fans 

Luxurious patio covers deserve luxurious fans. Luckily, there are plenty of stylish, wet rated fans suited to outdoor use. Finishes range from brushed steel to wood grain exteriors. These models come with anywhere between three to 10 blades. The fans with more blades can offer a more contemporary look for your pergola while simple three-blade fans deliver a more modern style. Some manufacturers also offer units featuring multiple smaller fans combined into a single fixture. 

When our clients are selecting fans for their pergola project, we will almost always recommend minkaAire products which are well-known in the industry and have a stellar reputation. The company also offers a wide selection of wet-rated outdoor fans giving customers plenty of options to fit their style. In fact, we recently incorporated numerous minkAire fans into a grand covered outdoor dining space for the exclusive Boca West Country Club, in Boca Raton, FL.

Outdoor white fans for patio covers


If you are looking to build a new pergola to protect your restaurant’s outdoor dining space, or to create some cooling shade on your home pool deck, patio covers with ceiling fans will ensure you and your guests are comfortable outdoors regardless of the heat. Contact us today if you’d like our design team to help you create a unique covered patio that will deliver comfort and style.

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