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Patio Cover Sizes Vary to Fit Your Outdoor Living Needs

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Jason Herring
Chief Executive Officer
June 19, 2023
UPDATED June 19, 2023

We frequently come across a common question, “What is a good size for a covered patio?” While this question holds interest, homeowners should focus on a more relevant inquiry: “What is the right size patio cover for my home?” Personalizing this question is crucial because your new covered outdoor living space needs to be customized to fit your unique outdoor lifestyle.

The covered outdoor space needed to accommodate simple furniture and potted plants will obviously be much smaller than a sprawling covered patio design to accommodate an outdoor kitchen, bar area, seated dining space, and other amenities. Pre-planning patio cover sizes is certainly possible when building a new home or reimagining a backyard without existing landscaping. However, most of our clients choose SYZYGY Global to custom design a pergola that seamlessly integrates into their existing landscape, rooftop deck, or other dimensions and architectural style.

That said, let’s explore some of the common pergola sizes to give you a sense of how large, or small, your pergola should be in order to provide the shade and rain protection you need for your backyard activities.

Typical Patio Cover Sizes

20 x 20 patio cover (400 sq. ft.)400 sq. ft. is roughly the size of a two-car garage, so motorized louvered patio covers of this size can accommodate an outdoor dining area, outdoor kitchen, a dedicated space with patio furniture, and still leave room for entertainment space between.
15x20 patio cover (300 sq. ft.)Under a 300 sq. ft. pergola, most homeowners are designing either a seating area along with a dining bar or small outdoor kitchen.
12x20 patio cover (240 sq. ft.)A patio cover of this size will provide expansive coverage for a single outdoor purpose like a dining space or a relaxation area with outdoor furniture, but a skillful design can squeeze in added amenities as well.
10x20 patio cover (200 sq. ft.)At the rough dimensions of a single car garage, a 200 sq. ft. covered patio is ideal for a smaller dining nook or a bit of shade and weather protection on the pool deck.

Understanding Customization of Patio Covers

When it comes to creating truly customized outdoor living spaces, there is no such thing as an average size pergola. Instead, our design team will develop a plan based on your dream outdoor lifestyle and customize the outdoor living space dimensions to fit your needs, as well as the existing style and architecture of your home. So, if you’re wondering, “how to build a 10x16 pergola?” we can customize your outdoor living space to meet those specs.

With no limitations on cookie-cutter standard sizes, our pergolas can be crafted in any size and shape required to accommodate your lifestyle. If you have a sweeping, organically-shaped patio, we can craft a series of interconnected pergola zones to cover that space. Alternatively, if you have a unique nook between the kitchen door and a garage or pool deck, we can design your pergola with precision to make the most of that unused area.

Beyond just custom sizes, our pergolas can also combine roof styles to unlock the true luxury potential of your outdoor living space. You can choose to include motorized louvered patio covers that put control of the sun/shade balance right at your fingertips, or select a solid roof pergola design for full-time shade. Some clients even combine these two roof styles, creating areas of full shade while maintaining control of the louvered roof in other sections. Additionally, we can customize the pergola height to seamlessly integrate with your home’s existing roofline, or add pergola roof risers that elevate the pergola’s roof above the home’s edge for a soaring outdoor cover.

Considerations For Size and Design When Choosing a Patio Cover

As mentioned earlier, determining perfect patio cover sizes is guided by how you would like to use the space, as well as your home’s existing layout and architectural style.

One of our key design principles is to create modern luxury pergolas that seamlessly fit into your home’s existing architecture. We want your new pergola to look like it was an original part of the home’s design. While the overall footprint of the pergola is important in achieving this goal, so is the exterior appearance of the structure. Our pergolas, designed by us and manufactured by our partner Azenco, are truly unique in the market. They feature concealed assembly hardware and an integrated gutter system hidden within the pergola’s support structure, ensuring clean exterior lines for every project.

Azenco Outdoor - pergola manufacturer south florida palm beach

Moreover, the exterior powder coating that protects our pergolas from the elements can also be fully customized to fit your home perfectly. While our standard pergola colors include black, white, bronze, and more, we can custom color match any hue you can imagine. This allows the pergola to match your home's exterior perfectly. We can also design two-tone pergolas with the supports and frame matching your home, while the motorized louvers set are in an accent color. In confined outdoor living spaces, such as a pergola attached to the home, coating the roof louvers in a white powder coating can create a sense of openness. Alternatively, adding a wood grain to the louvers can bring some added warmth to the outdoor space.

wood grain finish pergola size azenco


Ultimately, there are countless standard size pergolas to choose from, but if you would like to ensure your new outdoor living space delivers the next-level luxury you desire, then you need to work with a skilled South Florida pergola company. With our ability to fully customize your adjustable louvered roof pergola, you are never constrained by standard patio cover sizes. Instead, we can create an extended patio cover, with all the necessary amenities to unlock your unique outdoor lifestyle.

If you would like to discover the possibilities for your new covered patio, contact our design team today for a consultation.

Jason Herring
Chief Executive Officer
Jason Herring is the owner, CEO, and founder of SYZYGY Global. With a background in finance and software, he is a serial entrepreneur known for his hyper attention to detail. Jason's expertise lies in developing future visions and growth strategies for his company, as well as implementing efficient processes and operational strategies. He excels at building strong relationships and enjoys actively engaging with clients. Jason's leadership has propelled SYZYGY Global to success, making him a respected figure in the business world.
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