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Angled Pergola Slats Versus Modern Louvered Roofs

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Julie Hawbaker
June 18 2022

A louvered roof pergola transforms any patio, deck or pool deck into an oasis for escaping the daily grind and relaxing in the cooling shade. From basic static, angled pergola slats to dynamic adjustable louvers, pergolas come in an array of styles, all with varying levels of functionality at the homeowner’s disposal. Which type of louvered roof is right for your pergola project? Understanding the capabilities of these design options will be important. Here we answer some of the basic questions you may have about angled pergola slats.

What are angled pergola slats?

Angled pergola slats, also called louvers, are a series of parallel panels set at an angle to create shade and promote airflow. The slats can be fixed in place, but in more advanced designs they can be adjusted to control the amount of light being blocked and airflow allowed in. An adjustable roof pergola works similarly to a Venetian blind, opening and closing to control the space between louvers. 

Can angled pergola slats seal out rain?

Rudimentary fixed louvered roof pergolas are unable to keep the rain from reaching your patio, but modern pergolas are uniquely capable of completely blocking out rain. The R-Blade pergolas we design, alongside our manufacturing partner at Azenco, are unique in the market. They feature a dual-walled louver design that opens to allow the sun to reach the patio or close tightly to completely block out the rain. Rainwater is channeled through an internal gutter system, flowing out of a drain at the base of the support columns. The internal gutter system also allows us to channel the runoff away from the patio space to keep it dry during the South Florida rain showers.

How do you adjust angled pergola slats?

Our automated pergolas feature completely motorized angled pergola slats. Homeowners can control the angle of the louvers with a handheld remote, via smart app, or the entire operation of the system can be fully autonomous. We are able to incorporate smart weather sensors that monitor showers, and close the louvered roof at the first sign of rain. This allows you and your guests to carry on an evening dinner party even if a rain shower passes through.

Will angled pergola slats withstand South Florida’s high winds?

Not all louvered roof pergolas are created equal. Many of the DIY kits on the market could be damaged during a windstorm. To mitigate potential wind damage, our pergolas are custom engineered to resist hurricane-force winds. While no outdoor structure can promise to survive a truly massive storm, we take every precaution to ensure your pergola is optimized for these inevitable storms. Each pergola model we offer carries a “Miami-Dade Notice of Certification,” which certifies they meet some of the most stringent wind-resistance regulations in the country. We also employ smart technology to mitigate storm damage. Similar to rain sensors, we can integrate wind sensors to monitor heavy gusts allowing the louvered roof to open automatically when necessary. Opening the louvers eliminates potential damage from updrafts, allowing the pergola to better withstand high winds. 

Do I need to hire a pergola contractor to install a louvered roof pergola?

While skilled DIYers might be able to design and build their own pergola with static angled pergola slats, when it comes to more advanced designs like our automated adjustable louvered roof pergolas, hiring an experienced pergola contractor is a must. For starters, our skilled design team will help you determine the ideal look and feature set to ensure you get the most from your new pergola. We also have years of experience navigating the often-complex state, county, and local processes for securing a pergola permit. From approvals for project engineering to building permits, a misstep in the approvals process can seriously impact the overall louvered pergola cost.


Hopefully, this article on the array of angled pergola slats and louvered roof pergola designs has answered some of your basic questions. But, if you would like to explore how a new pergola will revolutionize your backyard living space, please contact us today to speak with our design team. 

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