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Half Or Full Roof Pergolas – Unique Custom Pergola Designs

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Jason Herring
Chief Executive Officer
June 27, 2023
UPDATED November 12, 2023

When designing an outdoor living space for your home, it is important to ensure that it accommodates your family’s personal outdoor living lifestyle. Will the space be a dedicated relaxation space on the pool deck? Or would you like to incorporate an outdoor dining space, an outdoor kitchen, or both? The design of your outdoor living space will be influenced by the leisure activities you plan to engage in. A modern custom pergola can provide the necessary luxury for your patio, deck, or pool deck.

A custom pergola allows you to choose a roof style that best suits your intended use of the space. Our design team can craft a solid fixed roof pergola for full-time shade, a motorized adjustable louvered roof that allows you to control the balance of sunlight and shade, or a combination of these roof styles. But how do you decide between half or full roof pergolas? Let’s explore the factors that will impact this decision.

Full Roof Pergola Designs

As the name suggests, full roof pergolas feature a single roof style throughout the entire pergola. Luxury pergolas often feature motorized, remote-controlled adjustable louvered roofs. These roofs can be opened to allow full sunlight onto the patio, angled to create shade, or closed tightly to block out the sun and rain. While louvered roofs are popular, some customers also ask, “Can a pergola have a solid roof?” The simple answer is…absolutely! A solid roof pergola is constructed using insulated sandwich panels that provide complete sun-blocking capabilities. These designs are ideal for homeowners seeking continuous shade on their patio.

R-Shade full roof pergola tuxedo style - Azenco

Half Roof Pergola Designs

What is a pergola with a roof called when it combines a half pergola half roof with the one half being a solid design and the other a louvered roof pergola? This is commonly referred to as a half roof pergola. The half roof pergola is perfect for maximizing the functionality of your patio. It is often used when homeowners want to accommodate various outdoor activities under a single shade structure.

Half Pergola Examples

As mentioned earlier, a half pergola is a great option when you want to incorporate multiple living areas under a single protective pergola roof. Here are some half pergola ideas:

1. Ventilated Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor cooking requires ample airflow to prevent smoke and heat from building up under the pergola. A half pergola is ideal in this situation, with a solid fixed roof over a relaxation area and an adjustable louvered roof section protecting the outdoor kitchen. This allows you to open the louvers when grilling and close them to protect your cooking equipment from the sun and rain.

outdoor kitchen half louvered roof half solid roof

2. Pool Deck Flexibility

Another ideal half pergola design for the pool deck combines a solid fixed roof pergola attached to the house with a louvered roof section by the pool. The louvered roof can be opened to allow sunbathing poolside, while the fixed roof section offers perfect shade protection. This design creates a nice transition to the pool area.

3. Skylight Pergola

With a louvered zone at the center of a large pergola and solid roof segments surrounding it, a pergola half covered by louvers can act as an outdoor skylight. Simply open the louvers during the day to let in the sun or at night to gaze at the stars. When the weather changes, you can easily close the skylight using a remote control.

4. Cantilevered Pergola Style

One of the additional benefits of choosing a custom pergola is the ability to design it with a cantilever roof. By building it poolside, the overhanging pergola roof can provide shade for swimmers, create a designated space for an outdoor bar, or simply serve as a unique design element that sets it apart from traditional rectangular designs.

5. Two Story Pergola

Adding a second floor to a pergola design allows you to create a sheltered space on the ground floor for furniture, an outdoor TV, and more. The second story becomes your own mini roof deck. For your two story pergola, consider a partially covered pergola with a half gazebo roof on the roof deck to add an architectural accent to the outdoor structure.

Popstroke restaurant - two story pergola syzygy global


Does a pergola have a roof? Well, yes, but that pergola roof can come in various forms. Our custom pergolas go beyond being simple shade structures and can become outstanding architectural elements of your home’s exterior design. If you would like to explore how half or full roof pergolas can elevate your home, please contact us, and our design team will be happy to help create the pergola of your dreams.

Jason Herring
Chief Executive Officer
Jason Herring is the owner, CEO, and founder of SYZYGY Global. With a background in finance and software, he is a serial entrepreneur known for his hyper attention to detail. Jason's expertise lies in developing future visions and growth strategies for his company, as well as implementing efficient processes and operational strategies. He excels at building strong relationships and enjoys actively engaging with clients. Jason's leadership has propelled SYZYGY Global to success, making him a respected figure in the business world.
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