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Outdoor Bar Inspirations for South Florida Homes and Restaurants

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Jason Herring
January 9 2023

Nothing feels more luxurious than sipping a crafted cocktail as a beautiful South Florida afternoon as the perfect weather washes over the patio. From Miami to Boca Raton, the outdoor bar is a quintessential part of just about every restaurant. For customers, they are a place to see and be seen, and for restauranteurs they are an invaluable profit-driver. For those lucky enough to have an outdoor bar at home, Miami night vibes can come to any of their entertainment festivities.

Needless to say, an outdoor bar needs to be protected from the harsh sun, and ready to keep guests dry during afternoon rain showers making a modern pergola a valuable addition to any design. Bar pergolas can cover just the bar, or extend to provide sun and rain protection for a full outdoor dining space. For commercial spaces, a pergola can even protect your revenue-driving outdoor amenities.

SYZYGY Global has designed and built pergolas for homes and restaurants throughout the State of Florida. Let’s take a look at some inspirational designs and see how they can fit into just about any location.

Residential Outdoor Bar Ideas to Fit Your Souht Florida Lifestyle

When it comes to designing the perfect outdoor bar for your home, it is important to place it where you like to relax and entertain.

Cozy Poolside Cocktail Outpost

Designing a small outdoor bar allows it to be constructed just about anywhere on your property. This well-appointed outdoor bar accommodates a few guests, and features an outdoor TV protected by the solid roof pergola. It is an ideal set up for confined yards dominated by a pool.

Within Arm’s Reach of the Indoor Kitchen

If you enjoy throwing dinner parties, and would like to maintain easy access to the indoor kitchen, then designing your outdoor bar closer to the house is ideal. This bar fits nicely into a nook that allows the home’s surrounding walls to provide a wind buffer, and a solid roof pergola design creates full-time shade for the bar and adjoining dining space. With the pool deck just steps away, an outdoor pergola is an extension of the home.

Detached Relaxation Destination

For homeowners looking to create an entertainment space away from the hustle of their home, building a standalone bar in the yard or garden is a great option. This freestanding white pergola was designed as an island of relaxation to take advantage of the property’s neighboring lake. The solid-roof pergola ensures full-time shade for the outdoor bar, and a louvered privacy wall adds a dash of style to the structure while providing a place to attach an outdoor TV.

Residential covered outdoor bar in Florida

Commercial Outdoor Bars Delivery Style and Consistent Revenue

For luxury restaurants, country clubs, etc., adding all-weather coverage for a patio or deck is all about the bottom line, but with the right design, a patio cover can elevate the luxury and style of the space too. With the outdoor bar protected from the sun and unexpected rain showers, restauranteurs can keep their expanded dining space open regardless of the weather. Outdoor dining spaces and bars can fit in just about any space, and similarly to our pergolas, are completely customizable.

Rooftop Ambiance: Outdoor Bar

The covered rooftop deck is the latest trend in South Florida and nationwide. Obviously, the ability to protect a rooftop bar from the elements is imperative, but that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice nighttime stargazing too. In this design in historic South Beach Miami, Restaurant Mila installed several motorized louvered roof pergolas that open to allow sun and star light in, and close tightly to block the rain. Placing several freestanding pergolas around the rooftop meant the space could be sectioned off for private parties, and flowing curtains added some style and flow to the outdoor bar.

All-Weather Covered Deck

Another way to easily extend dining and cocktail service outdoors is with a covered deck. Adding a deck actually delivers twice the service area as a ground-level patio, because the deck itself provides sun and rain protection for the first level, while an adjustable louvered roof pergola mounted on the deck enables restaurateurs to open and close the roof depending on the weather. This outdoor biergarten deck at the World of Beer in Tampa is a perfect example.

Dining and Entertainment Deluxe

An outdoor bar doesn’t have to be limited to a line of stools and a bartender. Luxury private resorts and clubs throughout South Florida have been updating their dated outdoor spaces with truly next generation dining and entertainment amenities. This marvelous design we created for the prestigious Boca West Country Club brought new life and unique amenities to the club’s 19th hole restaurant, Mr. D’s. The addition of a grand motorized louvered roof pergola expanded the dining capacity for the restaurant’s patio, fitting in seamlessly with the redesigned interior. The project also added an interactive driving range where guests could play fun games or hone their golf game under the protection of the pergola and with servers catering to their dining needs.


If an outdoor bar sounds like a luxury, you’re right! Nothing will bring the luxurious feel of a destination resort to your home or restaurant like it. Of course, protecting the bar space and your guests from the sun and rain will ensure you get the most out of your new outdoor space. If you would like to start designing your new outdoor living space, contact us today.

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