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Syzygy Pergolas & Pool Covers in Palm Beach
Syzygy Pergolas & Pool Covers in Palm Beach

Residential: Custom Poolside Pergola Overlooking Florida’s Intercoastal Waterway

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Jason Herring
November 6 2022

The Intercoastal Waterway is one of Florida’s local treasures. The amazing views from the luxurious houses on the canal are only outshined by the easy access to the family boat docked out back. These unique combinations make properties on the Intercoastal prime real estate in South Florida. Homes rising up along the waterway often feature grand outdoor living spaces designed for relaxation and entertainment, but those outdoor spaces still need to impart the luxury feel of the surrounding home and its neighbors. When these homeowners in Pompano Beach sought to elevate their sun-soaked patio, they reached out to SYZYGY Global to add a poolside pergola that would elevate their outdoor space and turn it into an all-weather relaxation destination.

  • Location: Pompano Beach, Florida
  • Type: Residential
  • Date: November 2021
Pompano Beach waterfront pergola black white
  • Product: R-Blade
  • Size: 18 ‘ x 13’ (240 Sq Ft)
  • Options: Motorization, Embedded LED lights, Risers
  • Color: Black Frame/ White Louvers (Tuxedo)
  • Benefits: Elevated pergola roof creating shade and elevation

Project Overview

For the tourists that make their way to South Florida to enjoy the sun and fun on the coast, spending relaxing days at a gorgeous home on the Intercoastal Waterway is something to dream about. For these homeowners in Pompano Beach, and many others that reside in South Florida, it is a daily reality. This home’s amazing views could be taken in while enjoying the poolside patio complete with an outdoor kitchen and dining space, overlooking the backyard pool and Intercoastal Waterway beyond. To create the sun and rain protection this home needed, SYZYGY designed a beautiful motorized louvered roof pergola anchored by risers that elevated the pergola above the home’s existing roofline, and incorporated a classic black and white tuxedo color scheme to accent the space.

Design Challenges

The patio space on this clean white pool deck was splashed with direct sun for much of the day which made the afternoons uncomfortable by the pool. SYZYGY Global leveraged the unique Azenco R-Blade adjustable louvered roof pergola to give the homeowners the ability to open the louvers allowing full sun to reach the outdoor kitchen, close partially to create some shade, or close completely to create full shade and block out the rain, all at the touch of a button. While the traditional Florida roofline was relatively short, this custom pergola project posed some interesting challenges which the SYZYGY Global design team managed to turn into unique features that helped elevate the style of this entire outdoor space.

The primary challenge was the immediate surrounds of the patio space. With the patio flanked by the home’s exterior walls on two sides and a curtain wall on the third, our designers needed to ensure the space would not feel confined by the addition of a pergola roof. While this feeling would be abated when the louvered roof was open, but when the louvers were closed the space could potentially become too dark in the shade as well. To avoid this confined feeling, SYZYGY designers leveraged the surrounding walls as an anchor point for the new pergola roof. To take the design to a new level, both literally and stylistically, they incorporated short riser columns into the design to raise the pergola above the home’s existing roofline. This not only helped the pergola area standout from the rest of the home, but created additional clearance overhead. Leveraging the exterior walls as the main support structure also ensured no additional columns were needed to support the roof, preserving the unobstructed views of the pool and canal beyond. With the roof soaring to 10'-6", the pergola area has a spacious loft-like feeling on the patio. 

Eliminating the traditional support columns and footings turned this outdoor living space into a true one-of-a-kind project, but it also created a new challenge for the design team. With the extensive rain routinely falling in South Florida, the pergola needed a gutter system that was up to the task. This gutter system is usually hidden away in the pergola’s support columns allowing water to drain out at the base. To manage the rainwater, SYZYGY utilized a super gutter to capture the rain rolling off the home’s flat roof, and channeling the rainwater into a nearby garden outside the wall.

Color Selection

The color selection for this pergola project is what really turned the unique engineering of this project into a standout stylistic component of the home. The existing home featured the classic all-white paint that is so popular in South Florida. The design team recognized the unique opportunity to add a stylish accent to the patio with some strategic splashes of depth. Coating the pergola louvers in matching all-white, the team offset the frame and risers in a deep black which made the architectural elements of the structure really pop with their timeless white and black theme. With this classic tuxedo black-and-white design, the pergola seamlessly fits the classic Florida look of this home while modernizing the overall exterior style of the home.

Pompano Beach pergola - Azenco - Syzygy Global

If you have been considering how you can make your patio into a true relaxation destination, while also amping up the style of your South Florida home, consider the transformative appeal a customized modern louvered pergola could have for your home. To get started today, contact us to begin your design consultation.

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